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    I need some direction. Purchased an AT&T Gear S, unlocked it with an AT&T unlock code, so I could use the Gear on T-Mobile network. Everything seemed to work fine until I tried to install programs on it. They will not install, it just continues to show the phone working, but nothing happening on the phone.

    For help, I called Samsung, and their answer was that because it had been unlocked and was being used on another network, the programs are confused on what network the phone is on and therefore the installation process hangs. That sounds crazy. Has anyone else had a problem like this and how did you overcome it?
    08-01-2015 06:43 AM
  2. GLou's Avatar
    Thanks for those who looked. Fixed the problem by uninstalling Samsung Gear software from my phone and resetting my gear. Everything worked find after than.
    08-01-2015 09:55 PM
  3. mountainbikermark's Avatar
    Thanks for posting your solution!
    It might help the next person running into the same scenario.

    Support Our Troops !!!
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    08-01-2015 10:17 PM

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