1. Greene Taylor's Avatar
    I am looking at purchasing the Galaxy Gear S but only if I can access the web through my phones cellular data through Bluetooth. Does that work?
    09-03-2015 11:42 PM
  2. Teejai80's Avatar
    Samsung Gear S is powered by Opera Mini - Opera News

    Looks like you are in luck and it does.
    09-04-2015 01:21 AM
  3. TxBrandi's Avatar
    I called Sprint yesterday to inquire about what actions would use up the tiny data plan on the gear S (with sprint, it's only 1000 texts, 1000 minutes of talk and 100 MB of data unless you have a family share plan that you can add it to -unfortunately, I have a better deal without a share plan so I'm stuck with just 100 MB for the Gear). I THINK what they were saying is that as long as you were connected via Bluetooth (near your phone), it would not use the watch's data plan, but if you want to leave your Gear S at home and connect it to the phone via the network, then any data usage such as e-mails coming in or browsing would use both data plans. The 3rd option is to use the gear only and of course, that option uses only the gear data plan. can you verify if this is true?
    09-04-2015 02:03 PM
  4. JRDEMASKUS's Avatar
    I tried, Gear S, WiFi off, connected via BT with phone. It worked, loaded pages on Opera.
    I also tried, WiFi on, disconnected from phone. That also works.
    My usage has been Nil.
    Data use on the Gear S, is limited to the apps you use checking in. I did not setup email. Weather is running. After that it is the device trying to maintain a data connection with the towers. I shut off cellular data, because I wasn't trying to stay connected to the web.
    I just used it for texts and calls. Turned on data, just when "bored".
    SIM card, standalone was worth the Buy! But don't expect an Android Wear device. Close, but not quite.
    I don't use it standalone, because I stream music from my SD card over BT to my headset for 7 hours a day. Something the Gear S cannot do.
    TxBrandi and TexasBrandi like this.
    09-04-2015 08:21 PM

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