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    I just purchased this watch/phone and I'm having a hard time seeing any advantage of it over my Zen W2. Is this watch pretty much worthless if I'm not going to use it as a phone?

    I checked out the app store and there is a lot of garbage and on my ZW2 lots of apps just kind of show up on my watch when I install them on my phone. Like my Dominos pizza (yes I order pizza from my wrist from time to time), Amazon, and my Weather Radar app. None of these are on the GS. I know it has a different OS, but I thought the GS being Samsung would have better app support.

    I just wanted a larger screen on my wrist with the same level of app support. Oh I have seen that I can install Android Wear on the GS, but if I understand there are lots of bugs and several features don't work.

    Side note I do like the watch maker app. Round watch faces turn me off.
    07-10-2016 08:23 AM
  2. mountainbikermark's Avatar
    I use Opera mini browser for ordering , Google searches , and forum surfing vs an app when my phone is not with me. I use US Radar Webshots for standalone radar.
    The Gear Store is abysmal when compared to other app stores BUT where the S shines above others is the ability to leave the phone at home and still be functional. My S1 is a mini pda for me, having many apps I use daily while my phone isn't around. I guess it depends on the user as to whether it's a waste of money or not. My watch face is more of a home screen launcher than a face, having 8 app shortcuts on the screen plus tap the left and/or right side of it to open my alarm or agenda , so basically 10 standalone functions with just a tap. The keyboard has slide gesture capability so if you're used to Swype or Swift Key sliding it's just as fast to use the keyboard as using the phone, another plus for me.
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    07-10-2016 11:38 AM

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