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    Just sharing my experience here... I wanted to put a screen protector on my Classic because it was expensive and I don't want to damage the screen when I'm moving my hands around.

    I am a fan of tempered glass protectors on my phones. I think they are far superior and safer to apply than the wet film type. So, I bought a tempered glass protector for my watch. I used it for the past week and had a few problems with it. It sat above the ring-line "on top" of the watch. That wasn't terrible but it's something to keep in mind with the Classic. In my case, it also got a little blotchy. That could have been the way I applied it, who knows.

    I decided to switch to the wet film type. I bought the Skinomi version off of Amazon. I was a little skeptical about it being truly clear. It was easy to apply especially since I wasn't worried about the wet aspect (the watch is waterproof). At first, it was blotchy with a few bubbles. It wasn't looking good but I followed the instructions and let it sit overnight. It's almost entirely clear now. I don't notice any degradation of the screen.

    So, if you want a screen protector, I can recommend the Skinomi. You get six films. I don't know if that means they wear out easily or if it's just extra in case you screw up. It's been a couple days and everything looks good.

    KEEP IN MIND - This is my experience with the Classic. I had the basic/sport version previously and I think the protector sits below the ring-line on that watch. I'm not sure.
    11-22-2015 10:18 PM

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