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    Video: SmartThings App coming soon to the Gear S2 - Tizen Experts
    SmartThings App coming soon to the Gear S2-samsung-smartthings-tizen-gear-s2-smart-watch-696x522.jpg
    The Gear S2 was launched just ahead of IFA 2015 and since then there are many apps that have been or are currently being developed for this Smartwatch. Now, one particular app i’ve been waiting for, the SmartThings app, is said to be coming soon. The app was launched for the Gear S at CES 2015 and we have been waiting for its Gear S2 debut.

    As the name suggests this app lets you connect and control Smart devices that are connected to the Samsung SmartThings platform. You should also be able to use S-Voice as well, so you can set custom phrases. You have access to your SmartThings routines such as Good Morning, Good Night, Goodbye, and I’m back. Routines are basically a set of commands / actions that you can easily executed with one simple press.

    Common routines like Goodnight might entail things like making your central heating thermostat go low, locking all the doors, switching off all lights downstairs, switching on your reading lamp, switching on some music, and any other action that you might perform manually yourself at night time. You can always use a smartphone app to perform these actions, but there is nothing quite like doing them off your smartwatch, its fast and oh so convenient. The SmartThings app for the Gear S was released at CES 2015.

    The final / official feature list is unknown at the moment, so we are hoping for the ability to access Individual smart devices as well. Below is a short video showing you the ability to access Routines and control a smart bulb via your S2.
    The app is coming soon, but that could mean days or weeks,
    01-30-2016 09:42 PM

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