1. weiss1173's Avatar
    I bought the BT version the other day assuming the the connected version would be too costly. Now I find out that the Verizon 3G costs only $50 more without a contract. Like I had with the data plan on my iPad, I did not use it much at all, but it was handy in case I needed it.

    I would like to know your opinion if I should return this one and the 3G. I work in an environment that does not allow cell phones, but it sounds like it would be convenient for times when I go running or forget my phone; being able to just activate the 3G when needed. I am not sure which is cheaper, but I could use it on my Verizon account or on my brother's ATT.

    Anyone make the switch? I want to stick with the sport watch and not the classic. Verizon stores do not show any available, but local AT&T has them.
    02-25-2016 09:58 PM
  2. cocob89's Avatar
    Bought the 3G Verizon model at Best Buy a week ago. I rarely use it connected but I wanted the 3G model so I could answer calls. I like the idea of having it ready to be activated on my account in the event I do leave my phone somewhere though. Maybe one day I'll activate it and give it a go but for now bluetooth pairing is enough for me. The question I'd ask myself if I were you is do I need the speaker capability? If not then no need to switch

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    02-25-2016 10:38 PM
  3. weiss1173's Avatar
    As I understand, if I do not use it connected, I should get the same battery life. I like the idea of having the speaker and answering calls. I guess I will be heading to the store today.

    I am hoping that they offer the Verizon model for the same $99 with contract that AT&T does.
    02-26-2016 06:43 AM
  4. weiss1173's Avatar
    To close this thread, I found one at the local Verizon store and am returning the BT model. Bestbuy did not have them for Verizon and told me they are not selling them yet.
    02-26-2016 11:04 AM

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