1. Chuck Young's Avatar
    I am from ATT.

    Gear S2 Classic-4G, anyone waiting for Delivery?-samsung-gear-s2-classic-black-964x750.jpg

    Such a nice watch.
    03-07-2016 02:02 PM
  2. Chris5626's Avatar
    Definitely an attractive watch.
    03-07-2016 02:12 PM
  3. haus's Avatar
    I'm curious what the finish looks like when you get it. The renders make it look almost silverish, though I know it's black. I know the Classic BT version is glossy black, but this one looks like it may be slightly different.
    03-07-2016 03:59 PM
  4. buzzy3970's Avatar
    I'm curios to know what it looks like as well. I have the cellular s2, but was hoping it would be the platinum addition. Would be an instant purchase in a heartbeat 😆
    03-08-2016 03:11 PM
  5. laserbeam2's Avatar
    Got a label created in fedex manager. yipee!
    06-06-2016 12:52 PM

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