1. SMD's Avatar
    We now have the Gear S2 Sport, the Gear S2 Classic, the Gear S2 3G, and Gear S2 Classic 3G/4G...

    Too bad there's not a clearer way to know which versions have the latest updates. For example, the 3G got a battery update a while back, but not the regular BT version for reasons that the 3G was MUCH worse on battery life. Okay, fine. But then came the update that adds a bunch of new features including the notable "orange dot" on the watch face when you have a new notification. But that was to the non-3G version. The 3G version, I believe has yet to see that (here in the US anyway). And now we have yet another update which I guess I'd be excited about except who knows who it's for or if/when any version will get this or any of the previous updates. Furthermore, if it is now available for the regular Gear S2, then when is the 3G version gonna catch up since it's now months behind in updates?! Please Samsung make this easier on us.

    Here's the update description:
    New Gear S2 Update Adds Auto-Brightness & Flight Mode | Androidheadlines.com

    Nice additions. Just wish I knew when to expect it on my S2 3G (sport). Sigh.
    03-09-2016 12:36 AM
  2. audri5's Avatar
    This is one of several reasons I gave up. This is my 4th Samsung watch. The best one was the gear 2. I can't stand it that they seem to be moving backwards so until they get it together, I'm done. I'm spending to much money on a product I'm no longer happy with. I used to be a real Samsung fan but could never get any support for their products. I'll keep watching to see if I should come back but for now I'm out. Good luck everyone!
    03-09-2016 04:54 AM

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