1. droidfamily's Avatar
    Do they make a bigger size then the 40 mm face it's just to small for my big wrist?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    03-16-2016 02:26 AM
  2. nmacmil's Avatar
    As far as I know they just have the one size.
    03-16-2016 06:43 AM
  3. Mike-Mike's Avatar
    I came from the Moto 360, and at first I thought the S2 Classic was too small. Now that I have it, i think it is fine. I like it a lot. The size seems fine, and the screen is noticeably sharper.

    I'm not small by any means, I'm 6'1 and 225 pounds.

    that being said, if the Gear S3 comes out and has a bigger screen, I'd probably get that.
    03-16-2016 08:41 AM

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