1. Chuck Young's Avatar
    So I have the Gear S2 Classic and when it is not BT connected to my Note 4, the watch rings just fine using the number for the watch's line. When connect to the phone, anyone calling the watch gets a fast busy signal.

    I don't seem to remember having this problem with my Gear S.

    What is up with that?
    04-11-2016 09:19 AM
  2. Chuck Young's Avatar
    Anyone else have this too?
    04-11-2016 05:37 PM
  3. haus's Avatar
    Do you have "Gear Network" set to "always on"? If you don't, the S2 will turn off its mobile function when it's connected to the phone. Look under "Connectionns - Mobile Networks". I leave mine on, though I don't think anyone has my watch number at the moment.

    Edit: though I'm not sure why callers would get a fast busy (vs. voicemail). Who is your carrier?
    04-11-2016 07:46 PM

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