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    I have the standalone smartwatch because I'm one of those people who will either spend too much time on their phone or they will put it down somewhere and forget it. The gear is the perfect solution. It doesn't have too much, and I sure as hell don't misplace it!

    There's one problem. I am desperate to find a way of recording small tasks and ideas that come to mind. I need to be able to say "milk" and "gear tasks" for it to sync itself somewhere where I'll go through all ideas when I sit down to work.

    There are so many such programs on my phone (Samsung Note 3). I simply speak a task into my Calengoo widget and it syncs beautifully into Google Tasks. But with the smartwatch, the best I was able to figure out was to use voice memo. Voice memo is extremely unreliable and half my ideas get lost in memos that don't get transported correctly or are forgotten in my memo folder. I know there must be a solution! The phone is already connected to the web, it already has voice recognition, it's almost there! All it needs is a bridge that gets voice memos into maybe my inbox, maybe my calendar, somewhere in text form.

    There are lots of brilliant productivity hackers out there, and I'm sure the answer is somewhere under my nose. But the answer must not be an app like that Task widget that takes 10 clicks to create a task. One click, record, finish. Just to not have to carry it around in my mind. It's stuffy enough!

    Any help and I'll be very very grateful!

    07-15-2016 01:22 PM
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    Just a quick search (I don't use any of them, so I can't say if they'll work well for you or not):

    ENoteGear - Best Evernote Client (1.99$)
    My Notes in Gear (1.50$)

    I can assume the ENoteGear keeps synced with Evernote which you can have on your phone and computer, and have your notes there when you sit down to work.

    My Notes in Gear indicates that there is a phone/tablet app that goes along with it that it keeps synced to.
    07-15-2016 10:38 PM

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