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    I'm out in India for work, +12.5 hour time difference from back home on the West Coast. Seems like easy math to do right? But... I'm constantly adding 30 minutes instead of subtracting 30 minutes, or forgetting if its this morning, this evening, or yesterday, or somehow tomorrow back home... jet lag is a helluva drug.

    There's a nice feature on my Galaxy S7 Edge where the lock screen display the time in my current time zone, as well as back home. I'm looking for a similar watch face for the Gear S2... and I cannot find a decent option.

    There's some built in World Clock option that can show 2 cities as tiny unreadable dials... and one city seems to default to London.... not super helpful.

    Does anyone know of a clean, concise, preferably digital instead of analog option that shows the date & time for 2 designated locations?
    Doesn't even have to auto determine where I am... just let me pick the 2 cities.

    I've had no luck searching through MrTimeMaker or the Samsung options. I checked out the online MrTimeMaker design studio, it doesn't seem to support something this 'complicated' of showing 2 time options at once.
    10-12-2016 07:18 AM

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