1. andeh86's Avatar
    Any one that has been lucky enough to get the update, have you noticed that there is now a change on the calendar widget which has reverted back to even before the 'LAST' update? It no longer has little dots to mark the days you have an appointment marked. Any one know if this is an 'option' or if they have just got rid of it? i know it was a waste of time any way as when you clicked on the calendar, it took you to the same view but without the dots, so kinda counter productive... but i liked them
    12-21-2016 09:56 AM
  2. amyf27's Avatar
    Mine is set to auto update. Dumb question but how do I know if or when updates occur? I've had the watch about 2 weeks
    12-21-2016 01:43 PM
  3. andeh86's Avatar
    Most peoples are set to auto update, but have to force it to check. i dont have my phone on me at the minute, but you need to use your gear app on your phone and i think its in 'about gear' or something like that, then manually check for updates.

    You wont really know when they're due unless you search for it or keep up to date with places like this forum where many people complain about it once it appears, or the fact other people have it and they're still waiting! im in the UK and only got an update 2 days ago...
    12-22-2016 03:53 AM
  4. amyf27's Avatar
    I've lost my charge base which irritates me because I can't charge my watch until I get another base 😕. Anyone else have this issue? If I can't find it I'll have to order another, meanwhile the watch is off and out of power
    12-22-2016 04:22 AM
  5. markbc's Avatar
    Perhaps taking off the straps and placing it on a normal (phone) qi charger may work?
    12-23-2016 06:47 PM
  6. markbc's Avatar
    I just got the update R755AUCU2CPL1 on the Gear S2 Classic AT&T (SM-r735A). The calendar is as you describe, but there are several more functions (Like connect to another phone) that I did not have before. . .still exploring.
    12-23-2016 06:55 PM

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