1. mvsmith's Avatar
    Does anyone know how many watch face companion apps there are for the Gear S3/Frontier

    I know of:
    Mr. Time (You can make watches with this too)
    Watch Master (Free watches and there is a subscription based or one time payment for premium ones)
    Facer (Just recently added and it's awesome)

    And that's it. I see a few more on the google play store but I think most of the others are for android wear. I don't think watchland is compatible with gear s3/frontier or maybe even around anymore. The thing I like about some of the companion ones is that you can select 12/24 hour format from the app itself. That's the biggest gripe about galaxy app store watch faces is trying to find ones that are 12/24 or visa versa.
    12-14-2016 12:27 PM