1. castone001's Avatar
    Got tired of waiting for Verizon and also once I talked with ATT found out I could get the same plan I had for roughly 55.00 less per month!! Crazy! Pulled the trigger last night.
    Got a new ATT branded S7 Edge and a new Gear S3

    S7 Edge
    I really like the S7 Edge on ATT over VZW, seems much smoother and cleaner from an over all experience. I have noticed that the signal bars are a couple less the I had with VZW but calls are still clear. Battery life seems to be about the same, not very happy with it. More to look into on that.

    Gear S3
    LOVE IT so far. great interface, smooth finger swipe control. Apps loaded just fine, Can't wait for Endomondo to be available. Still playing and will put up more as I use it.

    Thanks for all the tips and info! Great Forum!
    01-11-2017 10:57 AM
  2. rinkeedink's Avatar
    I was very happy switching from Verizon to ATT 1.5 years ago as far as network quality has been in may area in Northern VA...but that ATT bloatware ....holy smokes. I buy unlocked phones now only and was tired of them wanting to charge me to tether which you can do for free with unlocked phone. Also ATT customer service has been horrendous. I'm a directv customer and federal employee, with a 4 line unlimited family plan and ATT botched every single discount offer I had for $200 off on each of four phones for switching to ATT, combined accounts, govt employee, and 4th line free. Took MONTHS to get it straight. Hope your luck is better than mine!!
    01-12-2017 10:06 AM
  3. castone001's Avatar
    thanks for the heads up on the customer service. So far so good. I was even able to take advantage of a great deal on the S7 Edge and The Gear S3 cost me 49.99. So far so good. I too get an employee discount and will be checking my bill to be sure it gets applied.
    01-12-2017 01:40 PM

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