1. jackrpr45's Avatar
    I'm trying to transfer some new music to my Gear S3 Expedition from my Galaxy S7. These are song I purchased from the Google Play store in the past month. When I go into the Gear app to transfer the songs I cannot find them. They do not show up no matter how I sort the list or if I search.

    In the Google Play app these songs do show as downloaded. The frustrating thing is that when I go into a file explorer on the phone I cannot find the songs either. Their on there somewhere because I can play the songs when the phone is in airplane mode.

    I have previously transferred songs with no problem. Its just the newer ones that don't seem to be showing up.
    03-01-2017 08:26 AM
  2. p1eric's Avatar
    It sounds like when you use the download function within the Google Play app the songs are downloaded and stored in the app's data folder(s). They could be stored in a non-standard format (encrypted so only the app can read them) or it could be that the Gear app cannot access the Google Play app's data. Either way the Gear app cannot see them.

    You'll need to somehow get those moved to a new folder somewhere else in device storage.

    I think the easiest way is download the your purchased music from Google Play on a PC, then connect your phone via USB, create a root level folder on the device name Music and copy your music files to that folder from the PC. At that point the Gear should be be able to transfer those to the watch.
    03-01-2017 10:24 AM
  3. jackrpr45's Avatar
    That did the trick. Thank You!
    03-01-2017 11:07 AM

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