1. Wapiti463's Avatar
    FYI for the forum. I found a way to get far more notifications out of the S3 Frontier on iPhone. When I first purchased it (had an Apple Watch), I completely disconnected the Apple Watch from the iPhone, and then connected the new S3 Frontier to it. Worked OK, just not alot of notifications coming through on it. Then I tried something. I unpaired the S3, then re-paired the Apple Watch, let it fully sync up, then left it in the charger in the bedroom. I then Re-paired my S3 to the iPhone, and guess what - I get ALL of the same notifications on the S3 that I was getting on the Apple Watch - Text, phone calls, emails, Google maps, everything. APPARENTLY, (this is a guess but as good as I can come up with), the iPhone THINKS it's still talking to the Apple Watch. And No - the Apple watch does not even have to be anywhere near the iPhone. So - If you don't have an Apple Watch, find a friend who does. Disconnect your Gear from your phone, connect it to your friends Apple watch and let it fully pair. Once done, walk away (your friend can re-pair his Apple Watch to his phone after you leave), then when back home, repair your S3 to your iPhone and Viola!
    08-26-2017 09:17 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip. Seems silly that you have to fool an iPhone like this to get something to work.
    08-26-2017 09:27 AM
  3. rrigters93's Avatar
    My question is..can you respond to the text as well as the emails?
    08-30-2017 11:10 PM

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