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    I recently got an S3 Frontier and have been loving it. I came from an Apple Watch and used Apple Music with it, so easily tied together. I am wanting to experiment with leaving my phone in the car when going to the gym, so was going to try and stream Spotify. I tried to do this over cellular and within a couple of seconds of trying to do this the S3 immediately went into cool down mode. Tried it several times with same result. Now I'm going to try to download a couple of playlists instead. I'm not impressed with the Spotify app so far. It actually won't play anything while its downloading.

    Anyone else have experience to share with this? Can I selectively delete songs after they are downloaded, or do I have to delete everything if I want to remove anything?

    Anyone got the streaming working? I googled it and saw others reporting the overheat thing so looks to be a bad development situation.
    10-04-2017 04:13 PM

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