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    After two defective S3, I switched to a Sport but I just can’t get myself over how much nicer the S3 Frontier looks. Has anyone used both? If so, is HR reader comparable? The sensor is flat on S3 but it portrudes on Sport and that helps with skin contact for better readings. Any feedback?
    01-01-2018 09:23 PM
  2. dmlv's Avatar
    I have the frontier and just picked up the black gear sport. I wanted the slightly slimmer profile for the gym and cycling.

    Only been a few days but I actually prefer the 20mm and feeling on the wrist better than the s3. The sport is still very substantial but we are so use to the s3 footprint.

    I'm not a swimmer so could care about those features. I never really used the s3 for Sam pay.... do it with my phone. Just came down to wanting something more comfortable when lifting weights, and cardio but having the same smartwatch features.

    Not being able to take a quick call with my phone in my pocket or gym bag or charging on my desk is is really the only negative for me. But that's the trade-off.

    Last thing in terms of looks... I think it looks much better than most of the fitness watches. Still sleek and has that round dial like the S3's. IMO.
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    01-05-2018 10:15 AM

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