1. amazonprime's Avatar
    Have had the gear S3 for some time now and would really like to improve the quality of the watch as far as how i use it, what apps should be downloaded for the watch to make my life easier or more fun?
    03-04-2019 01:18 PM
  2. pizza_pablo's Avatar
    Tip Calculator
    06-13-2019 12:09 AM
  3. debdroid1a's Avatar
    Two games I have.
    In addition to some of the above:

    Snake Classic
    Gear Bricks (tetris style game)
    10-12-2019 07:15 PM
  4. Yohnny59's Avatar
    I think you need to install only the programs that will really help you in life .... I do not mean various games, but the type of Morse code, flashlight, navigation, should make the most of my watch, so at least with my watch
    01-20-2020 03:52 PM
  5. DennisOS2's Avatar
    Depends on you use or would like to use the watch. Remember, if you have a smartphone with you you're better off in any instance using the larger screen of the phone to do most common tasks. I use the watch for paying for just about everything ..... more convenient. I look up the weather. I preview emails and text messages. I use timers to cook. If I was exercising I could track progress of workouts. I do count steps and stairs on it. I think these are all pretty standard.
    03-17-2020 02:58 PM
  6. me just saying's Avatar
    It depends on your usage. personally I only use my watch for notifications, weather, email, and samsung pay. imo, the screen is really too small for much else.
    03-17-2020 05:32 PM

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