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    Yesterday I got a notification that I have an update for the Wearable app on my phone. I updated the app on the phone and then got a notification for an update for my Gear S3 Frontier watch to update to the ONE UI. I proceeded with the update (watch on the charger & the phone on its charger... both are about 6"~8" apart) and all seemed fine my phone confirmed that the update was finished after a couple of minutes. I put my watch back on and everything seemed to be working fine. A few minutes later I felt a vibration on my watch. I went to check the notification. To my surprise the watch was not responding to any type of input. I turned the dial and nothing pressed the buttons and nothing. I held in the power button to turn off the watch and nothing. I eventually got a notification on the device (WATCH) rebooting. After a few seconds the screen went black. Now all I am getting is a loop of the watch is stating that it is rebooting and then going black. I put it back on the charger and was able to get it to reboot by holding the power button and it actually rebooted and was usable to use it for maybe a few minutes. It then went back to being non responsive and then going into the reboot then the black screen loop. I was able to get it usable on the charger again doing the reboot and did a factory reset. I then uninstalled the app and all of the other apps that work along with the app on the phone and reinstalled the app on the phone. I then went thru the process and synced the factory reset watch to my phone and DID NOT have it restore from a back up, I wanted to start from scratch thinking that a factory reset would fix what ever the issues was. Now I am still having the same issue after the ONE UI update where the screen goes black and the watch becomes unresponsive to any type of inputs. I now just have a paper weight on my dresser. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried everything I have learned over my years of being fan of technology.

    This was also posted on Samsung's Forums.
    05-30-2019 11:28 AM
  2. CKwik240's Avatar
    I would complain to Samsung.
    06-11-2019 04:19 AM
  3. Smoothbassman's Avatar
    Yeah this is really off. I had so issues updating my watch to the new OS. It rebooted and was running smoothly.

    At this point the watch is out of warranty, and a repair would cost ya just as much as a refurb unit. I would just scoop a refurb if you really like the watch and call it a day.
    06-11-2019 04:44 AM
  4. pizza_pablo's Avatar
    If your up for more troubleshooting, look in this forum for help.

    I just found this thread, several below yours. It's worth a shot.
    06-12-2019 10:26 PM

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