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    I have been trying to find a watch that fits my needs. I was about to buy an LG Urban 2, but then started reading that it may not function that well without a phone. I am looking at the S3 Classic now and it may be able to do what I need.
    However, I want to be sure.

    I will be replacing my Note 8 with this watch, and I am on Verizon.

    I need to be able to:

    Do hands-free texting and calls

    Use my Bluetooth headset

    Use Google Maps reliably (how much can I use Google Maps without it dieing too quickly is another question...)

    Reliable Bluetooth connection

    And it would be great if I could use something like my "Smart AudioBook Player" I have on my Note 8 to play mp3 audio files for books (I am able to listen at 1.5 speed and it arranges the mp3 files neatly while telling me how much I have listened to and how much I have left, also let's me skip ahead and other features). I'm not sure if that is a possibility?

    I know using Google Play Music isn't even a possibility with Tizen so I won't bother with asking about that.

    06-14-2019 11:11 AM

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