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    I purchased a watch face off the galaxy store this morning and my watch was on 40% by the time it downloaded my battery was down to 15%. So put it on battery saving mode and by the time I got to work the watch is dead. Got home tonight after work put the watch in the docking station and it wont recharge and wont even turn on. Any advice please.
    09-04-2019 03:41 PM
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    09-04-2019 03:54 PM
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    [Moved to the Gear S3 forum for better exposure]

    First, NEVER let a lithium battery discharge below 40%. If you can't charge it at that point, turn it off. (Or buy some batteries, because you'll be replacing them.)

    Second, if it was at 0%, let it charge for at least 3 hours before trying to turn it on again. If you're lucky, and the battery hasn't been badly damaged, you haven't shortened its life too much. If it won't recharge in 3-4 hours, you'll have to have the battery replaced.
    09-04-2019 04:18 PM

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