1. rld082982's Avatar
    My watch is going from 100% to 0% battery in about 6 hours ever since I updated to Android 10 (official release) on my Pixel 3a. I checked the battery usage on the phone and both the samsung pay plug in and the galaxy wear buds plugin are both at 10% battery on the phone.. that's 20% battery usage on my phone in about 7 hours, in addition to the fast drain on my watch. While using the phone I notice on the top, a notification keeps appearing and disappearing after a split second... I THINK it's the file transfer icon between the phone and the watch
    09-05-2019 02:16 PM
  2. rld082982's Avatar
    Nevermind, I just checked the google play store and everyone is having these same problems as of 9/2.
    09-05-2019 02:24 PM

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