1. logano585's Avatar
    Can someone tell me how to remove the Sprint Nascrap and NFL apps from the intercept? It won't let me force stop or remove. Also, has anyone had any luck speeding the phone back up after the upgrade? Short of using my app killer every few hours my phone is slow as all get out.

    01-06-2011 06:51 AM
  2. ratsttam's Avatar
    You need to either Root the phone, or do a little command line work using ADB in the android developer package. I won't go into details about what rooting is, or how to do it here, as it's been covered in several other threads if you just search a little.
    01-10-2011 08:57 AM
  3. RUSH's Avatar
    Those are preset apps... removable only by modifying the phone. I guess your not a NASCAR, or NFL fan.

    Note: You should remove any task killer on the device, it only conflict with other applications. The phone already have a task killer.
    01-10-2011 09:03 AM