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    I was wondering if anyone has been having issues with Slacker or Pandora. Mine were working fine until a couple of days ago. Now they won't connect. Slacker gives an error message and Pandora says it can't connect. Every thing else works just fine. I have uninstalled both programs and re-installed them. I have cleaned out my cache and cookies on my browser but still nothing. Slacker won't help me because I'm running 2.1 and as we all know Sprint hasn't released it. They want me to downgrade and then contact them again. I don't think so.

    If anyone has been having this problem and has a fix for it, please let me know. I appreciate it.
    04-28-2010 07:29 PM
  2. gabbott's Avatar
    For those of You Who Have 2.1 - Streaming Apps Fix - Android Forums

    To paraphrase from the above link:

    As for streaming applications like Pandora and TuneWiki you'll have to disable Multimedia gateway (new feature in 2.1 rom) .It works fine after that:

    phone > Dialer > ##3282# > Multimedia > Enter "MSL" > You will see RTST Proxy, HTTPPD Proxy > modify every list > set Address with "", port with '0'.

    To get MSL:
    04-28-2010 07:31 PM
  3. jdtoga's Avatar
    Thanks gabbott. Everything works great now.
    04-28-2010 09:29 PM