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    so i emailed Dan Hesse because im so sick of all this 2.1 mumbo jumbo. and this is what i got in return
    Thank you for contacting Dan@Sprint.com. Due to the high volume of
    emails Mr. Hesse is unable to personally address each one himself.
    Therefore he has assembled a team of experienced representatives to work
    on his behalf. Every email is then reviewed by the appropriate group for
    resolution, recognition and consideration.

    We do understand your concerns regarding the Samsung Moment and the
    anticipated release of the 2.1 update for this device. I would like to
    speak with you regarding your concerns however your e-mail did not
    include a number where you can be reached. Please respond with your
    Sprint phone number and the best time to call. If you would prefer to
    communicate via e-mail only, please indicate this in your response. I
    can be reached on 757-223-3761 from 9:00am-6:00pm EST, Monday-Friday.

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your continued business
    with us.

    Melanie H.
    this is what i said to them i have been a loyal customer to
    sprint for a long time and i must say your service overall is fantastic
    and i tip my hat to you guys for that however i have a Samsung moment
    that you guys at sprint seem to use as the poster child for all of your
    advertisements in stores commercials etc etc.. now i have a serious
    problem the guys at radio shack conned me into getting the samsung
    moment instead of keeping my brand new Blackberry. now why in the world
    have you guys allowed for a phone with such potential be cast into the
    shadows and not get the 2.1 update i mean honestly its ab seen my phone
    wont run the apps i have purchased that's right paid for !!!! because
    they require 2..1 now Dan you may ask yourself why in the world would i
    be writing to you about this problem well Dan your the CEO and i feel as
    though in order to have my voice heard about these legitimate complaints
    i have to go all the way to the top so please either grant me an Evo
    when it comes out because honestly this phone has been a waste of money
    in my opinion or get that 2.1 out asap!

    well thanks for your ear i know i chewed it up a bit there just wanted
    to let you know

    (i dont expect the evo lol just threw that part in for s&g )- im not arrogant
    05-10-2010 09:38 PM
  2. chibucks's Avatar
    did you call yet and see what they had to say?
    05-11-2010 10:25 AM
  3. LSanna1488's Avatar
    Actually I sent Dan an email as well. 2 days ago. Today I received a phone call while I was in the Sprint store from Valerie R from Sprint Corporate saying that the 2.1 update for the Moment and Hero will be released this month, May. No definate date but it doesnt matter anymore. Im going to be getting an EVO in Nov when im eligable for upgrade.
    05-12-2010 12:12 PM