1. DerekHall's Avatar
    When I end a call on my Moment, it does one of four things:

    1. Goes directly to standby (blank screen)
    2. Goes to call log.
    3. Goes to home screen.
    4. Goes to "phone locked - swipe right to unlock" screen.

    Anyone else's do this? I guess it's a tad annoying, but I'm just wondering why in the world it would be anything other than just one of the four. I guess I'd prefer it to go back to the call log, which actually it does more often than the other three.
    06-02-2010 07:09 AM
  2. Jo_795's Avatar
    well the thing i noticied as soon as you end the call it flashes for like 2 seconds fast and if you hit the end button its like your making it go to blank screen fast if you do it the long way press menu and press disconnect call and wait it will take you back to the screen. I know its very annoying.. It could be that you press the end twice blank screen and on to get to the unlock screen.. Usually when you end a call on a phone it lasts about 3-4 seconds flashing but the moment's is def faster..
    06-03-2010 10:05 AM