1. dabigoh's Avatar
    The wife has been using her Samsung Moment for about 9 months now. The phone is not rooted and is running stock Android 2.1-update1. She has been complaining recently that the phone has become very slow to respond and it is now taking several minutes to type out a short text message due to the lag.

    In our discussion, she mentioned that the phone appears to be having trouble connecting or staying connected to the network and she is having issues loading web pages. This morning she informed me that she has also been getting error messages that state, "Sorry! Process system is not responding"

    Before I go through the process of restoring the phone to factory settings, does anyone have any suggestions? I had her power the phone down and remove the battery but that apparently didn't help. I am planning on going through and attempting to clear up the browser and application cache but beyond that, all I can think if is a factory reset.

    You assistance is greatly appreciated.
    04-01-2011 09:54 AM
  2. Bengalerik's Avatar
    Any luck? I am having the same problem...
    04-12-2011 03:07 AM
  3. dabigoh's Avatar
    I got her phone working again but it required a factory reset.

    After spending way too much time sorting through forums and websites, I eventually resorted to the reset. There were many "tricks" and "tip" for clearing the issue, but none of them did anything for me.

    In the end it came down to this:

    From the home screen, I pushed the MENU button. Selected "Settings" then "Privacy" (or something like that) then found the option for "Factory Data Reset"

    The phone did a quick reboot and all the problems were gone. We had to go back and restore her apps, but luckily she only had a few installed to begin with.

    The only issue I had was her contacts. She had been storing her contacts on her phone instead of using her Google account so when I went to check her contact list, it was empty. Luckily, Google had an old list of contacts so I was able to recreate most of her list. When I returned the phone to her I discussed the benefits of using the Google option when creating contacts.

    Good luck with your phone.
    04-12-2011 09:09 AM
  4. new to everything's Avatar
    found solution to this without factory reset. Using galaxy s4 went to settings>application manager>all>then right at the bottom of the list there sjould be download manager and its disabled. enable download manager and phone runs smoothly again.
    09-29-2013 06:44 PM