1. AverageJoe_MN's Avatar
    Registered a US Bank card. Called the number, they verified me and emailed me saying I was verified. Problem is, the app continues to show me as unverified.

    Is there a waiting period - does it take some time to "take"? Do I need to reinstall that card?

    12-13-2015 06:38 PM
  2. 20blks's Avatar
    Give it some time. Maybe by business hours tomorrow morning
    12-13-2015 06:43 PM
  3. AverageJoe_MN's Avatar
    Is that typical?
    12-13-2015 06:43 PM
  4. 20blks's Avatar
    I only have chase and Amex cards. Chase is pretty fast but Amex does take a little while for verification.
    12-13-2015 09:31 PM
  5. Thergood's Avatar
    Any update on this? I'm having the same issue with a BofA card.
    12-14-2015 09:44 AM
  6. AverageJoe_MN's Avatar
    I waited and nothing happened. Emailed their support and it wasn't that helpful. They said try another card. Well, that's the card I use that is compatible. Option two was the following.

    Note: Performing the below steps will delete all the cards and the card details in Samsung Pay Application and you can re-add them after installing the application.

    Open Apps > Settings > Applications > Application manager > Samsung Pay Framework

    Press the Home key and open Apps > Samsung Pay, then touch INSTALL

    Tried that, re-verified card, five hours later nothing.

    So I'm stuck and can't use it. Awaiting further instructions from their so support.

    Not impressed so far. This seems like it should be seamless but it's not, it's not a good experience.
    12-14-2015 12:58 PM
  7. AverageJoe_MN's Avatar
    Just now it appeared. Interesting note: When I went to open my phone there was an Exception Report Samsung Pay wanted to send their developers. When I re-opened the program my card was activated.
    12-14-2015 03:19 PM

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