10-25-2016 09:06 PM
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    Hey All - just an FYI that I updated the Cruise Control apk I had attached to the second post in this thread. This one has some bug fixes from issues I found when I posted it to the market. Also, note it is not the "Pro" version as I am giving you all the paid app free. It is only free for those using my custom kernel (otherwise everyone with ny phone could download and use this app version without paying which I obviously don't want to do for the entire android user base :-).

    Please uninstall the old version before downloading and installing this one.
    03-13-2012 02:51 PM
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    also at: http://forums.androidcentral.com/sam...ml#post1651482

    warning for experienced adb users!: this was made with noobs in mind. you may learn something (from me! a noob! XD) but anyways, enjoy!

    this does not affect anything on the phone except for adding the ability to access root permissions. CWM (hover over any acronym with dots under it to see the full name) is not permanent, it disappears after you use it, and nothing on the phone is affected, as far as i know. i had just factory reset the phone, so use at your own risk...

    you may need to know:
    root of a drive- C:\ or D:\. the point you cannot "go broader" (aka-exit the folder youre in) without leaving the drive

    OPTIONAL PRE-REQUISITE STEP: make sure you have at least 400 mb of memory (i know, thats alot, but just in case) on your sd card so you can back up your entire phone! i reccomend doing them all (dont do 2 and not one!!!!!!!!!!!)!!!

    1. download here: http://forums.androidcentral.com/att...enish-odin.zip and unzip to your desktop. if you dont have the android sdk, simply copy the adb.exe file to the root of your primary drive for later

    this download was put together by joshua.worth and i will remove at his discretion.

    2. download the su.zip attatchment and unzip into "platform-tools" where you installed the android sdk, if you have it, or put onto the root of your primary drive if you havent.

    3. start phone while holding "spacebar" and "p". "downloading..." should appear on the screen in yellow text

    4. plug into the computer and run "Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.42.exe"

    5. select SPHM580.ops for "OPS" and Replenish-CWM5.tar for "One Package" (they should be the only options) DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE

    6. hit "Start" and DO NOT REMOVE FROM THE USB.

    7. as the phone reboots, hold "u" until CWM opens and set the phone down. you should close Odin now.

    OPTIONAL FOLLOW UP STEP: use the volume keys to navigate to the backup and restore option and use enter to select backup. wait for it to finish completely and take you back to the the CWM main UI. continue with the guide

    8. open the command prompt (type cmd.exe in search or run in the start menu, depending on your version of windows) or use some form of terminal emulator on your operating system of choice. command prompt is preferred due to the fact i know it can get the job done, but do what you will.

    9. navigate to the drive your sdk is on and into "platform-tools" or to the folder you put the adb.exe and su files on. the default should be [name of drive]:\Users\[username]\. use the "cd.." command til youre at the root of the drive, and if you installed the sdk, type "cd android-sdk-windows/platform-tools" or just go to the root of the drive and go to the next step if you havent. just be sure adb.exe and su are there.

    10. type this in line for line, with enters in between. the blue "~#" in the later lines is the prompt you should have. do not type this. it will be in blue. (clockworkmod should still be open on your phone at this point)

    adb shell
    ~#mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    adb push su /system/bin/
    ~#chmod 777 /system/bin/su


    11. when you're phone has rebooted, go back to the open command prompt, which should be where it was before you typed "adb shell"

    12. type "adb shell". you will see a prompt of "$." type "su." if you have a prompt of "#" rejoice! you have permanent root! now you can go on the Play Store and find "Superuser" and "Busybox" (they should be free. if you cant find it, get ahold of me and ill try to supply the newest updates) if not, and you have a backup from optional step 2, you should go through til you hit CWM and restore the backup. if not, make one now and reattempt everything aside from downloads and the moving the files around on your computer.

    OPTIONAL FINISH STEP: i dont know how you install CWM permanently, but you should do this so you can make routine backups of your rom and store them somewhere like on a box.com or mediafire.com account. (use hjsplit to break it into pieces for uploading and reassemble after download for flashing if its too big). to use a recovery, enter CWM (either the way i have here or if you have permanently installed, just reboot and hold "u") and navigate to "backup and restore," "restore," and select the recovery you wish to use on your sd card (make sure when you take out a backup for storage, you zip up the entire folder with the name that contains the date and time of your backup.) it will overwrite everything on your phone to be exactly like it was when you backed it up.

    good luck! have fun!

    Update: soon ill be posting links to a good recovery thats pre-rooted that has nothing except the root, superuser app, and busybot (installed) plus one thats pure. it wont even have CWM installed. if you softbrick your phone, when i get it up, just download, unzip into your sd card, and follow the separate readme steps that ill have zipped into it. OVERWRITE if you already have clockworkmod settings and stuff on your sd card, just to be safe. anyways, coming soon

    contact me at isavegas@live.com
    03-13-2012 03:35 PM
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    OPTIONAL FINISH STEP: i dont know how you install CWM permanently...
    This is done by removing or commenting out the install-recovery.sh line in init.rc (inside boot.img). Then you can safely delete it from (I believe) /system/etc/install-recovery.sh.
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    03-13-2012 04:17 PM
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    uhhhhhhh................................................. idk..................... on my xperia play i just downloaded an app that did it for me (i love pc companion. its like a get out of jail free card XD) but ill have to look into that later. problem is, i dont quite understand what youre talking about? the img in what? the phone itself? how do i access it? i a noob, remember? i stumbled upon this by playing around and it worked... i may be ok at rooting (ive done 4 phones in the week since i first started messing with it) but for this i need step by step... sorry........... 0.o
    03-13-2012 06:05 PM
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    Just delete install_recovery.sh as firehak suggests. You don't need to pull it from init.rc. that will work also but is more involved. I just delete it and cwm sticks around.

    Install_recovery.sh is a safety mechanism that always pushes sprints version of the recovery image each time the phone boots normally. The idea is to make sure there is always a good recovery image on the phone. However that being said, I've never heard of a recovery image suddenly going bad, so I would not think twicw about deleting install_recovery.sh. happy deleting.
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    03-13-2012 07:47 PM
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    okey dokey. ima keep a backup just in case tho (paranoid noob that i am ill do that when i get a chance. i was just confused as to what the f$#% he was talking about. lol. i like to understand what im doing when i root something. thats why rooting the replenish was so fun! a bit scary (considering several times i was terrified i had bricked someone else's phone. lol) but fun! anyways, so i need to follow the Odin steps and let it boot like normal, then use a file explorer to find the install_recovery.sh and delete it? or do i delete it and then use odin? (see PARANOID NOOB)

    and Firehak, you mentioned i should wait for PhoeniX 0.3? will it do the basic stuff stock does? (as in, will it run most, if not all, of the apps the stock replenish rom runs?)
    03-13-2012 10:36 PM
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    PhoeniX 0.3 is nothing but a glorified stock running this custom kernel. I will actually admit that I don't do real Android development save for some basic apps at the moment and tweak my system performance.

    Hey DMRLook, think this is worth looking into? It seems some good work is coming from the 3.x kernel development lately: Linux 3.3 Will Let You Boot Into Android: Greg-KH | Muktware. They hope to better its capability in 3.4, but I thought it might be worth taking a look at if you're interested.
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    03-19-2012 08:46 AM
  8. sleshepic's Avatar
    just wanted say thanks, have a replenish running this kernel and it has certainly boosted battery and speed. My gf's phone has been decreasing 1% an hour with some use! She now forgives me for messing with her phone
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    03-20-2012 08:21 AM
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    For a OC prorgam I use Voltage Control pretty good app.Just need root and it creates a zip incase for some reason your phone freezes up on you

    LAUGHING OUT LOUD AT the like button reminds me of Facebook

    Ive have edited the rom Took some stuff out made it light weight.Changed some things in the system/app folder as well removed some stuff too.
    04-27-2012 09:07 AM
  10. gamersoddesy's Avatar
    Just read this page. install was a breeze. got cpu cruise installed fine. works great! gonna test battery life tomorrow. thanks dmrlook for this custom rom. and thanks firehak for phoenix rom. best two things ive installed ever. =)
    05-11-2012 02:31 AM
  11. joshbdoc's Avatar
    This is a nice kernel dmrlook! Thanks for sharing.
    07-24-2012 12:07 AM
  12. dmrlook's Avatar
    Anytime - glad it is working for you.
    07-24-2012 06:32 AM
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    Since this is an entry level android phone (novice flashers and all) I noticed that in OP it states must be running Phoenix ROM.
    Its a lil confusing (was to me too) when I was looking for a kernel to boot up phoenix rom...
    One can flash this kernel first and phoenix rom after to get successful boot.

    (Not sure if I made it less confusing)
    07-24-2012 10:41 AM
  14. ciscogee's Avatar
    Any news on sd-ext added?

    Sent from my SPH-M580 using Tapatalk 2
    08-07-2012 11:30 PM
  15. dmrlook's Avatar
    Still waiting on firehak. Just note that using SD-ext won't be a simple one click process like installing the kernel. That is because each user will need to save off the contents of the SD card, partition it the way they want, and then format it. All I do at the kernel level is enable the support for it and load the partition at boot time. Firehak wrote up a great instruction manual on the above steps. I provided some feedback and he is revising as necessary. I'll ping him to see where he is at.
    08-08-2012 06:35 AM
  16. ciscogee's Avatar
    Oh I know that... I'm already partitioned on baddroidboys kernel. Running phoenix. Just looking to start theming on fb03.
    Cause this set up I'm on has /system ext4 ro. I'm lost at figuring out how to get it rw anf flash my themes and mods

    Sent from my SPH-M580 using Tapatalk 2
    08-08-2012 11:27 AM
  17. fishy2010's Avatar
    Does this root yourr phone so I can make it a hotspot?
    08-12-2012 11:10 AM
  18. ciscogee's Avatar
    Yes... root and get foxfi.apk.

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    08-12-2012 01:35 PM
  19. man or astroman's Avatar
    Fyi foxfi doesn't require root,
    Sprint blocks it from the market so go to foxfi.com/bin/ for install
    08-12-2012 05:03 PM
  20. ciscogee's Avatar
    Fyi foxfi doesn't require root,
    Sprint blocks it from the market so go to foxfi.com/bin/ for install
    I didn't know that.... :-D good info

    Sent from my SPH-M580 using Tapatalk 2
    08-13-2012 12:45 AM
  21. rodya234's Avatar
    dmrlook - I'm anxiously waiting a version of your kernel that enables firehak's data2ext, running it on the stock kernel feels so slow now lol.

    Do you think it would be possible to set SmartassV2 as the default governor at the kernel level? I know CruseControl can set it at boot, but I have an issue where (randomly) it switches back to the stock ondemand governor, which causes a huge performance hit without warning.
    08-20-2012 04:15 AM
  22. micronot's Avatar
    I am currently running Phoenix .2 and I am using Link2SD, would I be able to install this kernel (will it play nicely with Link2SD)?

    09-05-2012 06:57 PM
  23. rodya234's Avatar
    ^ It'll work just fine with that set-up.
    09-05-2012 07:57 PM
  24. dmrlook's Avatar
    Yes. What he said. Also, FYI everyone. My replenish is no more so I won't be able to do any more mods for this phone. I've now got a galaxy nexus phone running jelly bean. One hell of an improvement over the replenish I must say. That being said, we have been able to do more with the replenish than spirit ever intended. Its a great little phone. Enjoy it!
    09-08-2012 11:58 AM
  25. ciscogee's Avatar
    thats great news that you were able to move up in the android world.
    sad news for us since you were the last of the contributing devs on this device.
    ive been caught up with one of my other devices right now, but would love to (as well as everyone else) add sd-ext support to you kernels with your permission.
    09-08-2012 04:52 PM
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