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    First, know that I am not totally new to Android. I have the OG Droid since release date. Rooted and running Liquid Smooth. Received a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Wi-Fi tablet as a gift for Chanukah, also rooted and running Task ROM. Eldest daughter has Droid 2. Helped set it up and get her apps working correctly (won't let me root it). Other daughter has a Samsung Stratosphere, and this is where I am having issues....

    I have searched. I have Googled. I have been to every forum I know for Androids. (I was a moderator at another forum, so I know the rules...)

    Rae's Stratosphere is not rooted (not my choice...). Stock everything...media player/launcher/camera/email/sd card/messaging app...etc. She has downloaded a few games (Angry Birds and a few others), but not enough that I would tell her to move them for storage...

    She has taken approximately 304 pictures. I ***-u-med that pictures are stored on the sd card, as on my other Android phones (Tablet doesn't have sd card.) Yesterday, she went to take a picture, and received a message that there wasn't enough memory. I used Astro to find her apps, and used the settings to manage applications. The largest apps are the ones pre-installed, and can not be moved. Tried moving Angry Birds to sd card (usb storage?). Message that there isn't enough memory.

    Any suggestions on how to free up memory on this? I thought that on OS 2.2 and up, apps automatically stored to sd card (usb storage on Stratosphere?)

    Thanks in advance for your help! (And sorry for being so long winded!)
    02-22-2012 04:05 PM
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    Have you tried Apps2Sd? What size is your daughter's SD card? There are many variables so the only thing I could advise is to try to move the apps with an App2Sd application (there are many in the market)
    02-22-2012 05:55 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. SD card is the one that came standard in phone, 4GB.

    I have tried moving apps to sd card via settings, (such as Angry Birds and games she downloaded), but I get the message there isn't enough memory. There is nothing on her sd card. If I go to settings/applications/manage applications and tap sd card, there is nothing there. I could put card in card reader on pc, move her pictures, reformat card and start over, but that seems stupid.

    From settings/applications/manage applications/all....I can scroll to gallery and it shows that it is only 12KB and states it is installed on phone (default). Option to move to sd card is greyed out (as expected...can't move system apps unless rooted...)

    If I use Astro to see applications, I get the path /mnt/sdcard/dcim/camera. All her pictures are there, which makes me believe pics are saved automatically to sd card (as on my OG Droid.)

    Not figuring out what is on sd card that is eating 4GB of memory. My phone has the smallest amount og memory possible, so I move EVERYTHING to sd card. I have over 1000 pictures, 300+ songs, and over 50 apps. My sd card is 16 MB, and I still have 8MB left.

    Not quite getting why the stratosphere, with much more on board memory than my Droid, would give me "no more memory" message for pictures.

    Again, thanks for the help!

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    02-22-2012 08:48 PM