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    [HL]Over Clocking Kernel for SPH-M930BST[/HL]

    ==== '''People worked with/owe thanks to:''' ====

    • Growjunky - for testing and solving some issues!

    ==== '''Disclaimer''' ====

    Flash it at your own risk. Neither myself nor the phone manufacturer/carrier is responsible for any damage that may occur to your device through the use of this OC Kernels. Modifying your phone in any way voids your manufacturer's warranty, so if you brick your phone do NOT return it...it was YOUR fault, so buy a new one!

    ==== '''Changelog''' ====


    Kernel v1.1: Fixed: WiFi


    Kernel v1: a) Added: OC up to 1.9 Ghz b) Added: Interactive, InteractiveX, Smartass, and Smartass2 Governors

    ==== '''Requirements''' ====

    • A rooted phone
    • A custom recovery installed

    ==== '''Instructions''' ====

    1. Download the Boot.img from the link below and extract the folder to where your backups are located on you sdcard(should be in /clockworkmod/backup).
    2. Download the WiFi Fix and copy it to the root of your SD card. Do not extract this zip!
    3. Reboot into recovery
    4. Make a backup
    5. Select backup and restore > Restore > 2012-02-05-BobZ
    6. Navigate to install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard > BobZhome_SPH-M930BST_WiFi_Fix_v1-signed.zip
    7. Reboot your device
    8. Once your device reboots normally, download SetCPU from Android Market and set OC according to your choice!

    ==== '''Download Link''' ====

    Boot.img(with Over Clocking Kernel): 2012-02-05-BobZ.zip MD5checksum = 525dea79a6b3804f3910f1bb2b02b849

    WiFi Fix: BobZhome_SPH-M930BST_WiFi_Fix_v1-signed.zip MD5checksum = 505ea8d7df2c128cbc1a2b253069c524

    ==== '''How Can You Help?''' ====

    Donations to me are welcomed.

    Thank You!
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