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    [07/01/2012][ROM] CyanogenMOD7_ICS_ALPHA1 for the Samsung TRANSFORM_Android_2.3.7

    Guys, first + foremost: this work is the culmination of much time + effort by dev qnhoang81 (SDX) and the ROM is his own build assembled completely from source. Needless to say, ALL CREDIT for this ROM goes completely to qnhoang81........he's just amazing!!!!

    I am posting this 'HOW-TO' here on our forum merely to help our own members who may want to run a custom CyanogenMod ROM on their TRANSFORM, and need step-by-step instructions how to do so from Bone Stock.

    ............so this is why I always WIPE back to BONE STOCK when flashing this ROM:
    THIS is for those of us that have been flashing different ROMs, then change themes / mods / then add tweaks AND NOW WANT TO CHANGE to CM7!

    .....I have been playing w/ this ROM from the first build that appeared on this forum + was posting early on when things were just getting going......then I switched to other ROMs, mostly for 'testing', but always kept coming back to this to the extent CM7 has been my daily driver all this time........at one point I was running CM7 on BOTH my other device --the ogEPIC4G-- as well as my TRANSFORM.....this was pretty awesome for my household!

    During this time, I have found that if you're on Froyo + running TouchWiz ROMs, that doing a clean install makes your CM7 ROM run all that much more soundly: very few hiccups, hardly ever any random auto-reboots.

    Not to understate this, as we're all running very complex mixed setups on these devices........as we're converting from TW to CM, back-and-forth again: it's crucial to go back to sq 1......... (have heard ppl on these forums say they took their device to the store to have the techs wipe to EB28, official froyo..........believe the sprint site has the download for bone stock)................At any rate, w/ the MANY DIFFERENT METHODS that we all use to make 'CM7-20120701-UNOFFICIAL-transform-wGApps.zip' work on our TRANSFORMs, I am posting this here for those of you that want a step-by-step method that has worked for me for sometime:

    DISCLAIMER: Making any modifications to your device may cancel your Warranty.....it's your device, it's your choice, now whatever the results: it is completely your responsibility.

    [07/01/2012] CM7-20120701-UNOFFICIAL-transform-wGApps.zip
    File Size:


    [INFO] not-so-quick 'how-to' INSTALL CM7-UNOFFICIAL-transform.zip
    [size=8pt](full battery recommended / remember to backup!)[/size]

    1. From stock EB28, place EF09 update zip (name it 'update.zip' no parens) into root of sd card, NOT in sdx folder.

    2. From Stock Samsung Recovery, flash 'sd/update'............completes to stock EF09,
    NOTE: Update EB28-to-EF09 filesize= 9.39Mb +++ checksum is <cb36......4616fdc> (I know, I abbreviated!)


    3(a) Load CWM-transform.TAR using SWUpdater on your PC......while still on SWUpdater you'll then load Vampirefo's_2.10lv kernel (this kernel will give you Superuser....remember: all 3 partitions MUST be set RFS for kernel to stick; see/read Vampirefo_2.10lv_kernel thread for details).
    ......Once you have loaded CWM + Vamp's 2.10lv Kernel, skip to step 6.
    ......HOWEVER, if CWM-transform.tar is a NO-GO w/ SWUpdater (for no reason whatsoever, sometimes SWUpdater will NOT load CWM), then go to step 3(aa):

    3(aa)......go ahead + using SWUpdater flash Vamp's 2.2.2 Recovery.TAR (w/ kernel 2.10lv) for ROOT.....make sure to set all 3 partitions to RFS prior to flash or else Vamp's Recovery may not stick.)

    4........place file 'CWM-Transform.ZIP' in sd card/ sdx / zip folder,

    5(a)..............from Vamp recovery, flash: CWM_Transform.zip (recovery)........you end up w/ STOCK EF09 rooted w/........ClockworkMod Recovery!

    5(aa) next, select: leave recovery / reboot to recovery............you should now be in CWM recovery.

    6....................now, fr CWMrecovery: WIPE> cache + dalvik ......then wipe 'data' also,

    7...............then format your partition 4/4/4 (system = 4, cache = 4, data = 4),

    8(a).......then FINALLY flash 'CM7-20120701-UNOFFICIAL-transform-wGApps.zip' zip file........completes to cycle.
    8(aa).....this ROM has GApps already baked-in; under different circumstances, you would go to step (b):

    8(b).......DO NOT BOOT to system yet: as an option, ONLY IF GApps is NOT included in ROM: flash 'gapps' (this is google suite of apk's, see link below), complete cycle;

    9...............then finally: boot to system (give ample time to build dalvik, etc, don't be surprised to be waiting 5 mins on boot-logo on first boot......especially if this is your first time switching over to cyanogenMod from touchwiz)


    10(aa).......if for any reason you should get stuck on BOOT-LOOP at this step? Try this:
    **pull battery, place battery back in, boot to CWM recovery..........navigate: Advanced / Filesystem Conversion........THEN change all three partitions, as follows: Cache (ext2), DATA (ext2), System ,(ext2)..........allowing several minutes between each conversion to complete (System can take 6-10 mins!).....[OR the alternative: RFS/RFS/RFS]

    Next, leave recovery / reboot to recovery......wipe x 3: cache/dalvik cache/data.....then install CM7 AGAIN + wait for install to complete.......you should see your boot-logo again, but if successful, seconds later your cyanogen(mod)7 boot animation hits......ha!



    ALWAYS NANDROID! Always pack a full battery prior to flashing a new ROM!

    [x] For greatest performance, IF your CM9 setup is '2/2/2': boot to CWM recovery + re-convert cache ONLY to (ext4); leave dalvik + system at (ext2).......no need to wipe/nor reinstall ROM, once conversion is complete: 'leave recovery / boot to system' = profit!
    [x] Run 'Call Logs Backup & Restore' before + save log to sd card for restore to CM7.
    [x] Run 'SMS Backup + Restore' before + save files inside your sd card for restore to CM7.
    [x] App Backup Reinstall (NickyCho from PlayStore) before flash + save log inside sd card for complete app restore to CM7.
    [x] Voicemail backup before you flash CM7 here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...09&postcount=1
    [x] + additional reference: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...09&postcount=1
    [x] + google apps can be found here: http://goo-inside.me/gapps/gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip

    ***ALL REQUIRED FILES may be found at SDX, same place where this ROM is being developed!
    [x] CWM.Transform-zip
    [x] Vamp's 2.2.2 Recovery TAR (w/ Kernel 2.10lv)
    [x] EB28-to-EF09
    Files may be found HERE:
    (pls remember to Thank MPGrimm for this Index!)

    With BIGGEST PROPS to QNHOANG81 for all of your dedication + hardwork in making this the most AWESOME ROM that this pesky little transform device could ever DREAM TO REVVVV..........YOU ROCK!!!!!
    07-04-2012 12:58 AM
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    There's touchwiz for the transform? News to me. The stock launcher is sprint I'd BS, and the touchwiz launcher is by no means stock.

    Also, this is a little outdated, I be live we are unto beta now!
    07-29-2012 11:25 PM
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    What's the chances of getting info to port this to the Transform Ultra?

    Sent from my SPH-M930BST using Tapatalk 2
    09-05-2012 03:10 AM
  4. Sleet.Jordan's Avatar
    is their any hope of fixing the camera/video and other flaws to this rom?
    01-12-2013 01:48 AM
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    Hi Sonarchist,

    forum.sdx-developers.com website is down or under upgrade-process. none of the link to that site is working anymore :-(

    would you please add md5 & sha1 hash/checksum code for all the files you mentioned in your top/1st post ? then we can look file for each via search engines.

    if possible please upload in file-sharing websites & share the links, (but MD5 & SHA1 hash code is more important).

    i was able to root, but cannot find sdx-dev site so cannot find vampirafo for transform or CM 7 or 9 for transform.

    i'm using Samsung Transform SPH-M920, EB28, M920.06, Sprint (now i have wireless service from MVNO), Android 2.2.2 (froyo).

    Thanks in advance.
    12-14-2015 09:28 PM