1. sallythetimid's Avatar
    I was typing a text message today and somehow managed to fumble things and out popped a tilde (~), right into my text field! I tried to duplicate the text message fumble but could not. It was somewhere in the middle of this phrase: "I'm not eating lunch right now because..."

    I really miss having the tilde on the keyboard and was really excited to see that it was somehow showing up! Or is my phone just crazy and wrong? Please let me know if you know what random string of keys I hit in order to make it pop out. (I was using the physical keyboard, not swype. I know how to get it in swype.)
    01-04-2012 10:42 AM
  2. newboyx's Avatar
    ~ in Swype hit the symbol button then long press on the + sign
    01-04-2012 04:42 PM
  3. ppetrelli100's Avatar
    On htc one, long press 'n'. in addition to '-', tilde ('~') will pop up.
    06-04-2013 06:54 AM
  4. RaviNat2013's Avatar
    For the Galaxy S4: press SYM key. press the 1/2 key (this really page 1 of 2 pages of symbols). In the 2nd page you see the ~ (tilde) sign. Took me only 1 hour.. phew!
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    09-09-2013 05:50 PM
  5. Jesse Chisholm's Avatar
    You just saved me an hour. That's worth both an "Thanks" and a "Reply".
    07-20-2015 03:04 PM