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    I currently have a Galaxy Prevail (on Boost) but I am running into problems with the low amount of built-in memory on that phone and need to upgrade. (I'm down to just one app other than the factory-installed ones that I can't remove without voiding the warranty and I'm still at only 16% available memory!) At first I was leaning toward the Transform Ultra because of my familiarity with the Samsung brand, but I've read some reviews such as C|Net and PCMag that make it sound like a less-than-stellar choice. However the ZTE brand is not familiar to me at all, and that makes me a little wary.

    Other than making phone calls, I do lots of texting, some emailing, some web browsing, some using of apps, and some picture-taking and video. (It's not my primary camera though. I have a digital camera that I use for when I really want pictures to be good.) I shut down my phone at night because I don't want wrong-number calls at 3am waking me up. It would be nice to be able to have at least one game on my phone so I have something to do when I'm waiting in line at the supermarket or the DMV. Being able to make video calls isn't important to me, and I don't need to have a slide-out keyboard because I personally like SWYPE waaay better.
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    01-25-2012 12:38 PM
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    ZTE has more space i think, and a bigger screen, and some added features.. ultra is slow and not as fast. if you wait you could get the LG Maruqee for boost mobile? .. its on sprint and been on sprint for AWHILE! and its A GREAT!! phone! everytime i can get my hands on my friends marquee it makes me want to switch phones on my sprint plan. lol
    02-10-2012 06:14 PM
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    Actually it is available on Boost Mobile as well. However, after watching some YouTube video reviews (one by Knoxville363 comparing the Warp and Marquee was particularly helpful) I think I am probably going to go with the Warp. The ways in which the Marquee is (IMO) sliiightly better than the Warp are not worth $80 to me.
    02-12-2012 03:08 PM