1. dorelse's Avatar
    We took advantage of Sprints Free offer on the Transform Ultra and picked up this phone for my daughter.

    It seems like a great device. Its well constructed, has a good fit & finish, responsive, etc. Its a nice phone!

    The question I have is that the battery isn't lasting even 6 hours, and that's with the screen off, sitting on the table.

    We've had Android phones for 2+ years now, I have a Photon, my son has an Optimus S.

    Looking at the battery usage shows nothing, just Android OS at 80% and very little CPU time, so I know the phone doesn't have a runaway app. (At least that the phone knows about...) We have everything off, no wifi, bluetooth, gps and no streaming apps like Pandora or Amazon MP3 are running, no live wallpapers, I turned off syncing to everything but her contacts & email. (Which totals 12 contacts, and 1 email...) Turned the screen timeout & keyboard light way down as well, and no movies/videos are installed either.

    So there really shouldn't be anything that I can think of left to drain the battery.

    I had battery circle installed but removed that as well. We're pretty stock.

    My question is...are others seeing battery life like we are? I don't think this is usable if this is normal...

    05-08-2012 10:16 AM
  2. barnical_boy88's Avatar
    sounds like it could just be a battery issue. my transform ultra lasts all day if im not constantly playing with it. You can buy replacement batteries on ebay for pretty cheap and you can get the extended batteries they work great I heard...I had recently rooted my phone too I know you might not want to do that cause it voids the warrenty but I had downloaded apps for rooted phones that controls my bat and cpu too where I'll go to bed with a 40% charge and wake up 10 hours later and the battery is still not dead.
    05-16-2012 06:33 PM