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    So, two nights ago in a drunken stupor, my Transform Ultra (new to me by about 4 days) found it's way into a walmart bag that also contained my daughters prefilled-with-water bottle.
    Needless to say, the water leaked and the phone sat in the water for quite some time.

    It took a few attempts, but the phone did power on, and seemed to be working fine, apart from a little discoloration on the edges of the screen.
    A few hours after it came on and was working well, I was browsing facebook and got sent to the home screen. Hmm, okay, whatever. Back to facebook, and BAM, back to the home screen. Obviously I am not pressing hard or anything, just scrolling. After getting annoyed with it for a bit, I pull the battery and decide to let it rest for about an hour, and then start it back up again.
    Now, instead of just taking me to the home screen, it also likes to show me my recent app drawer. Over, and over again.
    At this point I also realize that the menu, home, and back buttons are not functioning properly. Occasionally they will work, but not consistently.

    I figure it needed to dry more. pulled the battery, and did my best to leave it alone. I lasted about an hour. Now, it decides to start messing up with the charger, not recognizing that I have it plugged in at all. During the time I am trying to mess around with the buttons and charger, the battery fully drains and it dies of a somewhat normal process.

    I plug it in, it doesn't realize that it is charging (no red light), but the screen comes on, shows the battery charging screen for 3-7 seconds and then powers back off again. It repeats power on, battery charging, die pattern as long as it is plugged in. I decide to try and get some sleep. About 4 hours later, I wake up to the phone, still in the constant loop. I decide to power it on, and it comes on showing me the battery is at 11%.
    I test out the charger, plug it in and out a few times. the red light doesn't come on. So I plug it in via usb to the laptop since I need to use my phone as a hotspot to do homework since I am on vacation. Eventually the red light turns on, and I manage to safely set it down and have it continue charging. I go to work on homework. About 20 minutes later I see the phone flashing. I watch it. It's popping from the home screen, to the recent apps drawer, to QR Droid, all by itself.

    I'm not really sure what to do. I am pretty sure the damage would not be as bad if the digitizer wasn't cracked/shattered when the water damage occurred.
    I have a new digitizer sitting here that I plan on installing today. Since I will have the phone apart and open to do this, would it benefit to let it sit totally open like that? How about in front of the vent with warm air blowing on it? How about a hair dryer? I am in a hotel room and the sun won't hit the window right to have sunlight for hours.
    Is it too late for the rice trick? How long does that take?
    I saw something about dunking it in 99% alcohol. Does that work?

    I just want my phone back. I haven't had an actual working on-the-network phone in over a year, and it took me less than a week to screw it up.

    Oh,and if it matters, the phone is rooted and running megatron 6.1
    02-23-2013 08:22 AM

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