1. bsmith1051's Avatar
    I just got my wife a Samsung Transform and, while it generally works good, it is noticeably slow sometimes. I've seen some other posts where people say they 'are not running Sprint ID' but how do you do this?

    When I did the initial setup I couldn't see anyway to skip or cancel the Sprint ID setup, and I ended-up selecting the "Clean" option. But I still have the Sprint ID button on-screen so I assume it's active/running?

    Also, is it possible to uninstall Sprint TV etc without root? (Can't wait for root and alternate ROMs for this!)
    10-29-2010 02:25 PM
  2. acegolfer's Avatar
    You need to use a different launcher. I recommend launcher pro (free).

    You can't remove sprint bloatware unless you root.

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    10-29-2010 04:21 PM
  3. Averix's Avatar
    Do a reset on your phone. When it asks to download an Id choose the Sprint one. Then when it switches to the next screen, bring down the notification drawer and cancel download. No Id will be installed. There will still be an icon and background process, but no additional crap bogging down your phone.
    10-29-2010 08:05 PM
  4. Addie_Goodvibes's Avatar
    Just a suggestion you can try changing your default launcher to Stock one...

    go into settings manage applications---> menu----> filter All

    then select whichever launcher you are running probably Sprint ID one Clear defaults.

    Then Select your capacitive Home key, it will ask you to complete action using..

    you should have a couple of options.
    The Sprint ID one ( not sure what it is labeled
    Home...or the stock vanilla android one
    TW launcher: Samsungs Touchwiz.. I am not sure if it is available on the transform..

    Select the Home option be sure to check the box use by default.

    that should bring you to stock vanilla Android..

    Customize as you like.
    11-03-2010 11:23 PM