1. BambiEyez's Avatar
    I've had my Transform for about a month & so far, so good. My biggest issue is that I'm unable to utilize my contact photos the way I would like. I've synced all my FB contacts, & able to view their picture under my contacts. But when they send me a text or call, all I see is the little green Android man :-) I've called Customer Service & gone in the store, no one can really seem to help me. I downloaded chompSMS & that fixed the isse with the contact pic showing up via text. Now I'm searching for an app that will allow the FB contact pic to show up when the person calls. Any ideas?
    11-30-2010 02:35 PM
  2. DanaP's Avatar
    I'm wondering the same thing..Hopefully there will be some help.
    11-30-2010 08:12 PM
  3. meaelmoluver's Avatar
    I was having this problem too! Download SyncMyPix from the Market!
    01-02-2011 11:43 PM