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    I got my Transform within the past 10 days or so. I can't figure out how to save the photos I've taken with the camera to the SD card instead of taking space on the phone's internal memory. Twice already I've gotten messages that my phone is almost full. The only thing it could be is the pictures. I've also tried to move them to my computer but when I hook the phone to my computer with a cable all I can see is the empty SD card - I cannot see the photos on the phone. I've tried emailing the photos but there's a red X that indicates they won't attach and they don't Can anyone please help?
    03-06-2011 08:58 AM
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    any pictures or video taken withthe Transform camrea is automatically stored tothe sd card.

    I was on the phone with tech support right after I got mine and had to do a hard reset. I specifically asked the person if i was going to loose my pictures and video. She said I would not. Sure enought after rebooting and resetting and all that good stuff my media was still there.

    as for not being able to see them pictures on the card. I dont know waht to tell you.

    this forum doesnt seem to get a lot of traffic so you may want to try sdx-developers if you need more assistance. it started out as pretty much only Samsung phones so there is a lot of info available.
    03-09-2011 09:10 AM

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