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    all things i know bout the vitality .. i dont know why or what any of these things do .. i just ran across them and thought id start a thread for other searchers .. maybe this will help someone

    my provider is cricket but im sure most codes are the same as the admire which os on metro pcs..

    Data Programming - ##3282#
    Debug Menu - ##33284#
    Nam Menu - ##626*
    FTM- 47*68#13580 ( dont know FTM entries yet so BE CAREFUL )

    Hold the menu button on boot up (the button where the send button should be) and it will boot into safe mode

    google one click for samsung admire .. works perfectly(make sure you have samsung drivers installed and both the debug setting boxes enabled ..

    few other little notes that need more attention .. when connecting cdma workshop and a successful connect and read the phone dials a number ... i will record and test to see what menu it brings

    installing clockworkmod recovery enables you to choose to boot into recovery mode .. havent been able to figure what buttons do what yet

    some of these codes seems to be consistent with older samsung cdma models that ive owned in the past .. sch-r450 (messenger old school) and samsung finesse sch-r810 ... i will have to go back and dig up hidden menu codes to see if they work ..

    anyone please add what ya know
    12-05-2011 10:55 PM