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    I bought this phone used, & locally from a private party;
    It is a Cricket phone. And I think it was on a pay as you go plan.
    Whoever had this phone before, did not remove his phone number in the settings: (about phone>status>my phone number).
    I am unable to contact the former owner.

    I redid a factory reset AND a HARD reset on the phone myself but it wont erase his former phone number.

    Why wont it go away? Is there another type of reset that will erase his number? Everything else is gone (contacts, apps, etc); just not his number.

    What can I try. Samsung cricket Vitality SCH-R720
    Thanks in advance.....
    Note: I decided I will sell this phone since I am not going to switch to cricket after all. I just upgraded with another carrier, so dont need this
    cricket Admire/vitality phone. This phone was never activated by me.
    Thanks in advance
    10-01-2012 07:03 PM

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