1. Ninja219283's Avatar
    Hi all, im new to the Android platform but i have my new HTC Sensation XE which i love to bits and would like to root it to give me more access, now i understand why people do this and how to do it, what i need to know is this.

    On the XE we have the Beats Audio software for detecting the Beats Audio headphones to give a much better audio experience, if i replace the rom on the phone will i lose this function?

    03-26-2012 06:55 AM
  2. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    Nope... you'll still have it. Devs will never take away features of a phone.. they build custom ROMs to enhance the features and to make the phone run better.

    There are certain ROMs that are AOSP (android open source platform) that are made to be just the basics. A pure Google experience without all the bells and whistles that a manufacturer like HTC might add to their phones. Since Beats Audio is a HTC feature... you may want to stay away from AOSP ROMs ....they may or may not include the Beats Audio... maybe someone actually running one of these ROMs can help you out better.
    03-26-2012 09:59 AM
  3. 211's Avatar
    It really depends on the ROM you install on the phone. As CW explained, if you want to keep Beats then go with a Sense/ICS based rom like RevolutionHD. Do not install any AOSP Rom.
    05-30-2012 03:10 PM