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    I have a rooted T-mobile Sensation 4G and the downloaded rom is labeled su- My question is will the OTA of ICS install without issue b/c I have a system that keeps asking me to install from HTC and it is 14.24 MB (no other info available) and it fails everytime....triangle with ! and droid...hangs untill remove battery then boot normally. Could that system update be the ICS? and or why wont it install...any ideas?
    04-19-2012 04:20 PM
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    The zip is SuperUser software not a ROM. If you install an actual Rom (Android Revolution HD for example from XDA-developers) than any OTA will not come through. You want the OTA of ICS? Than unroot and install back the stock T-Mobile rom.

    The update is just preparation for ICS but since you have S-Off and you've unlocked your bootloader (Most likely revolution) the HTC update will not install. So you need to turn your S-ON and Unroot your phone.. Search XDA-Developers they have enough info on that.
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    04-20-2012 04:57 PM
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    Yes I have revolution, no revolutionary was the file I installed but from what I read at xda unrooting and s on are a brick waiting to happen. Besides I can get my ics from here or any Rom I choose. I guess the ex friend that told me rooting and s off would not effect my ability to receive ota DL's was wrong. I'm more afraid of going back to s on than any Rom I can install
    04-20-2012 06:54 PM
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    Pick IP the packaged RUU for your phone if you want to got back to stock, its pretty user friendly and you can keep S on which is where the bricking’’can occur, do note if it gives you an error after following the instructions just redownload it and try again, its just a corrupted download


    Hope it helps
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    04-23-2012 05:47 PM