1. ibbyj's Avatar
    I picked mine up yesterday. Will be doing a full review for my b/vlog "PocketTechBlog"... Have camcorder sample uploaded to you tube for now.

    Beautiful phone!

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    10-13-2014 01:04 PM
  2. mcaples's Avatar
    I just got mine yesterday. I was kinda sick of how the majority of Android phones seamed so similar.

    A. It is by no means a "top of the line" spec'd out device
    B. The camera sucks (although *other* photos look GREAT on the screen)
    C. Not being able to move apps to my SD sucks

    A. Being *nearly* "vanilla" is awesome (unistaling/disabling crap is great).
    B. Using (the highly customizable) Holo Launcher makes it look/act very "clean"

    Overall I love it so far (with 2 weeks to try it out) I was able to find a great looking case that doesn't cover the top and is extremely small (atleast in the pics; it should be here next week) around the sides.

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    01-10-2015 07:53 PM
  3. MysticCrab's Avatar
    I bought mine last weekend .. and only under duress as my other phone was crapping out. LoL

    It is an "ok" phone - but if I could get a Z3c on Sprint I would drop this in a heartbeat.. but alas.. I needed a new phone, don't do Apple, and have small hands and like small phones. The specs are about the same as my 2 yr old Motorola - but at least I get an upgraded processor that will go past Jelly Bean.

    So far the issues I have found that make me consider returning it are:
    ~ it hangs up on calls if my cheek touches the screen (yes, it is supposedly "locked"),
    ~ the image quality is sub-par (my old phone had the same resolution cameras and the pics were much better)
    ~ Can't move apps to the sd card (according to a developer we have to wait for them to release an app2sd ROM update)
    ~ Can't turn the shutter sound off on the camera... VERY annoying! when doing as the FAQ on their website says - it takes a photo - not mutes the sound (and yes, it makes a sound when using the down volume key as well). Yes, if I remember to take the entire phone into silent mode it won't 'click'.. but I am not going to want to do that every time... and I'll miss calls/msgs because I'll forget to turn the sounds back on once I finish taking one photo..
    Is there an option to mute the camera "shutter sound"?
    Yes. Please hold the volume DOWN key to mute the device.
    ~ The screen is nice - but is very fragile.. I have never cracked a screen or even scratched one.. and this one got a 1/4" scratch in the glass on day 2! (and I am rough on my toys.. shoved in pockets, bags, and purses.. dropped frequently)

    My overall reaction to the phone is "meh"... and if something else comes out that is spec'd better - I'll get it and give this one to my 76 y/o Mom (because she won't find any of these things annoying.. LoL)
    01-12-2015 04:29 PM
  4. mcaples's Avatar
    Well...after about a week...I'm back on my S3...installed the firmware update last night...put ALL the Sprint crap (plus more) back on...changed my wallpaper (3 times)...then finally my phone froze like the touch screen died...oh well...

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    01-18-2015 05:41 AM

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