1. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Any chance we can have a dedicated device forum for the Motorola RAZR i please?
    Considering Android Central is now part of Mobile Nations, scrolling through the device list makes this site look like a 'US only' forum, and not very 'global' friendly.
    Although the RAZR i isn't available in the States, it's still a very popular device in Europe and Asia. There is already a considerable gathering of owners over at xda, all of whom I'm sure would welcome another outlet to discuss their phone's issues and findings.
    11-27-2012 10:17 AM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    I will make a mention of this. I know normally we try to cover as much as possible with dedicated carrier/region specific sub forums for each device.
    11-27-2012 11:27 AM
  3. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Many thanks for the quick response, Paul.
    11-27-2012 11:54 AM
  4. Paul627g's Avatar
    No problem. I have passed this thread onward to Administration for review.
    11-27-2012 11:56 AM
  5. James Falconer's Avatar
    11-29-2012 11:57 AM
  6. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Thanks very much James, much appreciated.
    11-30-2012 09:09 PM

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