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    Can you please make an article on your app about the legality of Google asking for a photo copy of one's ID and a utility bill /bank statement to verify our name. How is this even legal? Not Amazon or the App Store asks for such ridiculous personal items. But Google Play thinks they have a right to do this. I already have a credit card on file and and can't even charge apps to my Mobile account either. They told me that even if I bought a prepaid Google Play card, I still wouldn't be able to use it! Then Google and Developers wonder why people download pirated apps! I'm curious to know who else has run into this issue?

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    02-11-2014 04:19 PM
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    Its to verify not only your identity but also to verify your location. As an experiement I tried to set up an account based in the US from Canada. I can't use that account because they want me to verify myself in the way you stated. Since it was a phony account I've just let it sit dormant since. Really as far as I understand it's legal. If there is content that's legal in the US but not authorized outside of the US, then Google has every right to make sure they're enforcing those rules. For whatever reason, Google Music is not allowed in Canada. Google will do what they need to in order to keep things that are US only to remain US only. How they enforce it is probably 100% legal, if you read the TOS agreement.
    02-11-2014 07:14 PM

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