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    Following are the guidelines used by Android Central in regards to blog posts on Android applications, hardware reviews, accessory reviews and contests:


    We are not paid to write about applications. Ever. Whether it's a basic post on a new app, or an update to an existing app, or a full-fledged "Quick App" review, we are not compensated by the developer or publisher in any way, nor are we endorsing the app. Heck, half the time we don't even like the app.

    On vary rare occasions a developer may purchase a "Sponsored post." This is done through our advertising agency, Netshelter, and is not directly facilitated by the editorial staff of Android Central. Such posts are clearly marked as a "Sponsored post" and look different than traditional blog posts.

    Hardware reviews

    We are not paid to write about phones. Ever. Smartphones or other hardware reviewed by Android Central either are purchased by the website, or provided on a loaner basis by the manufacturer or carrier and then usually returned. If there's something we don't like about a phone, we'll tell you, even if it makes a carrier or manufacturer unhappy. (And often times *especially* if it will make a carrier or manufacturer unhappy.) When we do accept hardware from a carrier or manufacturer for review, it will be disclosed in the post.

    Accessory reviews

    We are not paid to write about accessories. Ever. Accessories reviewed by Android Central are either purchased directly from the Android Central Store, or occasionally provided by accessory manufacturers. If there's something we don't like about an accessory, it will be noted in the review. Quite often we'll give away an accessory after it's been reviewed. You can look for those giveaways here.


    We like to give away things whenever we can. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Android Central contests are open to all registered users of Android Central (you can register here). Employees of Smartphone Experts (our parent company) -- including but not limited to contractors, writers, our family members, painters and housekeepers, limo drivers and masseuses -- are not eligible to enter contests at Android Central or any other SPE website.

    Contests may be announced on the blog, in the forums, on Facebook or on Twitter.


    If you have any questions regarding our editorial policy, please e-mail phil at android central dot com.
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