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    Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed that some AC article comment threads have been getting more... heated... recently. For the most part the community is fine, but then you encounter comment threads like those on the recent Samsung profits article ("Samsung warns of steep decline in profits in Q3 F2014 guidance"). That one is a quagmire of trolling, name-calling, and general nastiness. Yeah yeah, I know, it's the Internet, what did I expect? The thing is, the forums are far cleaner and more polite while covering far more passionate subjects, so I know it's not just the Internet's fault.

    I guess my question is, how well are the main site's articles policed? Do mods/editors look at comment threads only when they get a flood of report alerts? Or do they give them a look-see every now and again to see that everything is running smoothly?
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    10-07-2014 10:43 AM
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    Our editors and volunteers take this on as they come across blatant spam or hate.

    In regards to 'heated' comments getting out of hand, the best thing you can do to help is click the 'report comment' button (the little triangle icon with exclamation point inside). This will alert us immediately.
    Report Comment button ---> report.png

    We're working on improving the comment system to make things even better too. If you have any additional feedback please do contact me directly, would love to hear from you!
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    10-08-2014 08:11 AM
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    Yeah, I reported a few and downvoted others, but after a while it was just too much. Thanks for the response, though.
    10-08-2014 12:17 PM
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    I adblock the comments for that same reason see the picture below. The articles are fine which I only care about reading and forums here are fine but the comments are vile and terrible.
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    12-22-2014 01:41 PM

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